Exhibit at Everything Kids Expo

Welcome to the possibilities of the Everything Kids Expo. Designed to give you, the exhibitor, entrepreneur, crafter or business, the opportunity to reach your intended target market, learn more about your consumer’s behavior and gain more exposure for your brand. It is an effective way of marketing and a solid investment in your business towards generating new clientele. The possibilities await you. Where would you like to go?

Become a Part of Everything Kids Expo

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If you have a brand, product, service or anything else that has to do with babies, kids 0 – 14, parents or families then this is the expo for you to attend. Affordable and effective, offering everything an exhibition typically does, it is a great opportunity and a solid investment in marketing. So view the below or Contact Us and we will help you become part of Everything Kids Expo.

Without exhibitors we wouldn’t have an exhibition! That is why we would be very pleased if you took advantage of this opportunity and joined the exhibition. An exhibition that is more than just an exhibition. It has a purpose behind it and the potential to take your business to a new level.

It is extremely simple to exhibit and understand, all of which can be found in our Exhibitors Guide. A Description of the Exhibition, The Inspiration behind it, How to Exhibit, The Benefits of Exhibiting, How the Market and Entertainment works, Important Information and Contact Information can all be found within our Exhibitor’s Guide.

We would like to take this opportunity to give you some idea of the benefits within the exhibition to really portray why you should seriously consider this investment.


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The benefits include:

  • Using Face-to-Face interaction to market your brand effectively
  • Having your target market be interested and coming to you
  • The ability to understand your customer better
  • You gain exposure for your brand
  • You can create a new and larger database of potential customers
  • The ability to promote yourself when your consumer will need you most
  • You can showcase what you do best in an interesting, personal and interactive manner
  • It is an effective and non-annoying or invasive way to market yourself
  • You’re able to network with other businesses and professionals
  • Feature yourself to local consumers and gain a larger interest in your brand
  • It allows for a more personal and comfortable interaction to take place
  • It provides advertising prior to and after the exhibition for your brand
  • It is open for your business to trade and make sales right there
  • And even more depending on your business


There are all these benefits on top of a really great environment designed to have your target audience in a happy and receptive mood to understand your brand more clearly and take an interest in it. So we don’t see why you shouldn’t consider exhibiting.

Exhibiting at Everything Kids Expo is very simple and affordable. If you are interested and would like to know more please complete the form below or Contact Us to discuss the exhibition. We will provide you with an Exhibitor’s Guide to read over and understand all the aspects of the exhibition very clearly and allow you to take the first step to success with exhibitions. We will then gladly assist you in booking your very own stand and answering any questions you may have. Space is limited so make sure you get your space before there aren’t any left! View the below map to get an idea of the space available. There are over 100 stands and over 10 000 sqm of space available.

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Exhibitors in our eyes are any businesses, services or brands showcasing what they do best at our exhibition. That means The Exhibition, Market and Entertainment all relate and can refer to this section.


We hope to be hearing from you very soon and having the opportunity to view your wonderful brand at Everything Kids Expo


If you would like us to get back to you please complete the below and we will provide you with everything you need to know on how to exhibit and your very own Exhibitors Guide!