AQUATOTS – The Perfect Swim Program!

AQUATOTS – The Perfect Swim Program! It’s where infants, babies, & toddlers learn to swim as naturally as they learn to walk and where every lesson is a building block in aquatic competency.


AQUATOTS is a Sing-song parent-tot group approach to teaching infants swimming skills.Though the ultimate aim of the program is to develop the swimming skills which infants are capable of at  specific stages in their development as soon as possible, it is never done at the expense of their emotional well-being.

Participating in the program not only provides the infant with a better chance of survival in the water, but encourages all round development, enhancing motor skills, perceptual abilities, social interaction, confidence, coping skills and parental bonding.

What is so special about the AQUATOTS Swim Program?

AQUATOTS is a world leader in infant Swimming and
top-ranking in the country.

AQUATOTS is the method that pioneered the child-
centred approach to infant swim teaching in South

AQUATOTS conforms to guidelines of the American
Association of Peadiatricians for infant swimming.

AQUATOTS is the ultimate in parent infant aquatic

AQUATOTS is structured so that each child excels on
their own level of competence and confidence.

AQUATOTS unique nature’s way philosophy puts infants
in control of submersion.

AQUATOTS is a registered trademark and signifies
uniform, controlled and regulated AQUATOTS Franchise
Swim Schools nationwide.

AQUATOTS is acknowledged by Swimming South Africa
(SSA) & the Australian Council for Teaching of
Swimming and Water Safety (Austswim)

AQUATOTS provides more too!

The AQUATOTS PROGRAM is also being used as pediatric hydrotherapy for special needs children. For the special needs child water may be the only environment in which total independence can be attained. All children need to experience active movement if they are to develop. Water as a medium for activity is a most useful means of widening the experience of such children.

If the exercises can be hidden in an activity that is fun, both the therapeutic and  recreational aspects have been incorporated. The development of breathing control, control of the  head, trunk and limbs and the creation of appropriate movement of these body  parts not only assist in the skill of swimming but considerably enhances body image partial relationships and an awareness of the body as a whole unit.

Children with Bone disorders, Joint & Muscle  disorders, Neurological & Developmental  disorders, Mental & Behaviour disorders can be helped with AQUATOTS applied for special needs children.

Where is AQUATOTS?

You can find AQUATOTS Alberton at the Danie Linde Wellness Institute located at 23 2nd Ave, Alberton. The Danie Linde Wellness Institute offers something for everyone so be sure to check it out at:

Apply for AQUATOTS!

To find out more or enrol your child in their upcoming classes Be sure to contact them on 011 869 7979 or 084 245 2213. You can also email them: or or visit their website:

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