Introducing Everything Kids Expo

Everything Kids Expo! The latest exhibition to come out of Everything X Expo’s creative team. We would like to present to you the exhibition aimed towards kids, their parents and parents-to-be in what we like to think of as something magical.

An exhibition featuring all the weird, wonderful and wild things every kid and parent is bound to need or want at some stage. An Exhibition featuring all the interesting, insightful and intelligent products and services aimed at bettering the lives of kids and their parents. An exhibition created to provide a place for unique businesses to promote themselves to the public, and for the public to become knowledgeable about everything out there to help better their lives.

But it is a kids expo and there is just nothing quite like being a kid. So we have included a Market sure to be filled with arty, crafty and intriguing items. We have the wild, funtertaining and totally awesome Kids Zone where businesses get to display their idea of an awesome time! We have the delicious and entertaining Picnic and Party Park for the whole family to enjoy. And, just for the parents, we have the intriguing and informative Parents Cove. And we have a whole bunch of great demonstrations, awesome prizes and informative exhibitors.

With so much in store at this exhibition, located at the beautiful 4 Star Sha-mani Lodge and Conference center in Johannesburg South on the 21st and 22nd of October 2017, you will not want to miss out.

Booking is now open for anyone looking to exhibit, sponsor or showcase what they do best. Simply visit our Everything Kids Expo page or Contact Us for further information or to book your extremely affordable stand at our effective exhibition.

We look forward to creating an exhibition that is truly magical and really embraces what it is to be a kid with you. Because there is just nothing quite like being a kid.

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